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4 Household Items That May Be Poisonous for Pets

4 Household Items That May Be Poisonous for Pets in Lexington, Kentucky (KY) like Human Pharmaceuticals

In this article, Hartland Park Animal Hospital – conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky (KY) – is here to tell you about 4 household items that may be poisonous for pets. Contact us today for all of your veterinary needs!

Pets are naturally curious, which can cause them to get into things that are harmful. Many everyday substances around your home can pose a serious threat to the health of your companion. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center provides assistance on over 100,000 pet poisoning cases each year. Based on the incidences they have handled, they have found the common poisonous household items that can be toxic. If your pet ingests any harmful substances, the pet poison hotline is available 24/7. Hartland Park Animal Hospital is here to tell you about 4 household items that may be poisonous for pets in Lexington, KY.


Pharmaceuticals for humans do not have the same effect on animals. Pain relievers when ingested by pets can cause irreparable harm. The acetaminophen found in Tylenol and other drugs can impede their oxygen flow and damage their liver. Pets should never be given human medication unless under veterinary direction. To ensure your dog or cat does not consume your medication, be mindful about where you store it.  A dog can easily chew its way through a childproof cap. Make sure to keep the bottles out of your pet’s reach and immediately pick up any pills you drop.


Insecticide is another danger that can be lurking in your home. While you may want to get rid of bothersome pests, attempting to do so can jeopardize your pet. Upon application of the chemicals, make sure your animals cannot get anywhere near the area. The baits used in traps for roaches and ants can be hurtful as well. Storage for insecticides is very important. If you pet can access the chemical contraband, the results can be tragic.


Other poisonous household items to keep out of your pet’s reach are your cleaning products. These are typically kept under cabinets and being at such a low level can be dangerous. Bleach, bathroom cleaners, and window cleaners contain strong chemicals that need to be safely stored. If your companion were to get access to these the affects can be devastating. While your pet is not a child, the same precautions should be taken. Keep the products in a place your dog or cat will not be able to get to.

Fabric Softener

Fabric softener sheets are another product to store up high. While these may be helpful for controlling pet hair, these should be kept away from your pet. The chemicals in the sheets are not good for the health of your pet. The smell can attract them, so it is crucial to keep the sheets stored at a higher level.

Hartland Park Animal Hospital offers emergency care services such as if your pet ingests a toxic substance; we are available to give them treatment at any time. We provide safe and reliable medical care for pets of all ages. Our highly trained staff treats each animal like family so they can feel comfortable. Our high-tech facilities are designed to handle a variety of conditions, so we can help pets that are suffering. We also offer preventative care, pet dentistry, and pet surgery services. We are located in Lexington, KY to provide our medical services to pets in the surrounding area. Call us today.

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