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Dog & Cat Veterinarian Services in Lexington, Kentucky (KY)

At Hartland Park Animal Hospital in Lexington, we offer all the services that pets typically need from birth through end of life.

Internal medicine consults

When your pet displays symptoms of an illness or a chronic condition, our internal medicine consults can answer your questions and help your pet move forward with treatment.

Diagnostic and therapeutic services

We use state of the art equipment to diagnose pet conditions and injuries. Our therapeutic services help pets recover after an accident or an illness.

Radiology services

We have on-site X-ray equipment to help us with the diagnosis of your pet’s conditions.

Pet Dentistry/Teeth Cleanings

We provide dental examinations, cleanings and other dental services to help protect your pet from gum disease and other dental problems. We offer pet dental care using sedation or general anesthesia.

Pet vaccinations and pet exams

Our pet wellness exams and vaccinations help protect pets from common illnesses and diseases. Keeping your pet’s vaccination records current are also essential to avoid preventable illnesses such as rabies, Bordetella, distemper, parvo, and lepto for dogs and FVRCP and FeLv for cats.

Class IV Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy or Class IV laser therapy, by any name, is somewhat new modality that is being increasingly used to treat animals with arthritis, tendon or soft tissue injuries and to promote wound healing. Cold laser is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that uses light to penetrate the tissues close under the skin to stimulate cell regeneration through increased blood flow.


We have in-house laboratory services to aid us in the quick diagnosis and treatment of parasites, diseases, chronic conditions and disorders. For pets with specialized conditions, we may send samples to a commercial veterinary laboratory for analysis.

Identification services

Our microchipping services help reunite pets with owners when pets become lost or separated from their families.


At our pharmacy we provide a variety of vitamins, medicated shampoos, and preventatives for problems like flea, tick and heartworm. We also sell pharmaceuticals and carry a line of prescription diets for pets with special nutritional needs.

Individualized flea control programs

Pets are often exposed to fleas in the environment where they spend time. To help your pet get the flea protection he or she needs to be safe from fleas, we’ll talk to you about your pet’s habits. We’ll use that information to develop a flea prevention program that’s right for your pet’s needs.

Pet surgery

Pets need surgical services for a variety of reasons throughout their lifetime. Our surgical services can help pets who have been injured or diagnosed with a serious disease or chronic condition. We also provide spay and neuter services to pets.


Anesthesia helps keep pets safe during dental procedures and surgical procedures. We know how to administer anesthesia to pets to keep them safe and comfortable.

Dietary counseling

Our dietary counseling services can help pets who struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

Behavioral counseling

Our behavioral counseling services can help pets adopt socially acceptable behaviors.

Emergency care

As your pet's vet in Lexington, we provide emergency care to pets who have been injured, have ingested a toxic substance or are experiencing a life-threatening illness or medical condition. If your pet experiences a medical emergency while our facility is open, call our main telephone number at (859) 245-7387. If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency after hours, take a look at our emergencies page.

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If you would like to bring your pets into our office please call ahead to make an appointment at 859-245-7387 or make an appointment online. We’re happy to provide you with the best in pet healthcare in Lexington.

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