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  • Why Your Senior Pet Needs Routine Bloodwork
    As pets increase in age, they face an increased probability of developing age-related conditions. Senior pets are typically considered to be small dogs and cats that are 7 years of age, but large dogs are considered geriatric once they reach 6 years old. Read more
  • Complete and Balanced Nutritional Food for Dogs
    In this article, Hartland Park Animal Hospital – conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky (KY) – is here to provide you with information on complete and balanced nutritional food for dogs. Read more
  • 3 Ways to Relieve Pet Arthritis
    Seeing your companion suffering from arthritis and in pain can be difficult. There are a few routes you can take to try to bring your pet relief. Read more
  • 4 Household Items That May Be Poisonous for Pets
    Pets are naturally curious, which can cause them to get into things that are harmful. Many everyday substances around your home can pose a serious threat to the health of your companion. Read more
  • Why You Should Spay and Neuter Your Pets
    Spaying and neutering your pets are some of the most important things you can do for your pets, not only to limit the overpopulation of unwanted animals, but also for your pet’s health. In terms of their health, choosing to spay or neuter your pets can be one of the best decisions you could make for your pet’s wellbeing. Read more
  • Christmas Decorations That Are Dangerous for Pets
    We all know the holidays come with lots and lots of decorations and wonderful foods. We are here to help make sure that the decorations you are putting up are safe for your furry friends. There’s no need to add more stress to the holidays by having to make an emergency vet visit. Read more
  • How to Treat your Pet's Allergies
    In this article, Hartland Park Animal Hospital—conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky (KY)—are here to provide you with some expert insight into how you can best treat and handle your pet’s Read more
  • Keep Pets Comfortable During Storms & Fireworks
    In this article, Hartland Park Animal Hospital—conveniently located in Lexington, KY—is here to provide you with some expert advice on how to keep your pet comfortable when dealing with thunderstorms Read more
  • Preventing Your Pets from Contracting Heartworm
    In this article, Hartland Park Animal Hospital—conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky (KY)—are going to provide you with some professional insight on what you can do as a pet owner to Read more
  • Beware These Common Pet Parasites
    Internal Parasite Prevention Both cats and dogs are liable to be infested with internal parasites such as heartworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and roundworms. All of these intestinal parasites can do serious damage, making internal Read more
  • Why Pets Need Teeth Cleanings
    By the time they're 3 years old, almost 85 percent of all pets have some form of periodontal disease. Not only is this the main cause of that awful bad Read more
  • The Importance of Pet Vaccinations in Lexington
    Can you remember the last time you’ve gotten your pet vaccinated? If it’s been more than a few years, your cat or dog is probably overdue for another vaccination. This isn’t something Read more
  • Participate in National Check the Chip Day
    After undergoing pet microchipping in Lexington at our facility, the chip to find lost pets needs to be associated with your current contact information. That way, even if you move Read more
  • The Importance of Preventative Health Care
    Do you take your kids to the doctor every year for a physical exam? If so, you recognize that this is an important preventative measure to help your children stay healthy. But what Read more
  • Why It Is Important to Spay or Neuter Your Pets
    If you are a pet parent, or you want to be, you’ve probably heard time and time again—spay or neuter your pet! While no one wants to subject their pet to an Read more
  • Allergies, Masses, and Blood Results
    Every single day I get a comment how "I wanted to be a veterinarian", or " I wish I could do what you do".....and it makes me feel very satisfied Read more

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