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Why Pets Need Teeth Cleanings

a small dog getting their teeth cleaned in Lexington

By the time they're 3 years old, almost 85 percent of all pets have some form of periodontal disease. Not only is this the main cause of that awful bad breath that nobody wants to smell, but it can eventually cause serious problems like heart and lung disease.

At Heartland Park Animal Hospital in Lexington, we suggest bringing your pet into our office for regular pet teeth cleanings at least once a year. Once your pet's teeth are sparkling clean, we'll work together to keep them that way with regular cleaning at home.

Lexington Veterinarian Talks about Pet Teeth Cleaning

Dr. Lee Cundiff, our Lexington veterinarian, recommends that you watch your pet's teeth for tartar buildup. When pet's teeth aren't cleaned regularly, bacteria can bond with food particles to form plaque on the teeth. Leave that plaque alone long enough and it will turn to hardened tartar, a golden-brown substance near the gum line. This allows bacteria to grow and can form gingivitis (infection) around the gums. This inflammation can cause decay and tooth rot, plus it can travel through the body and affect the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Preventing these problems is as simple as bringing your pet in for a teeth cleaning. We'll begin by putting your pet under anesthesia, to avoid pain, stress, and movement during the procedure. Our vet will remove visible plaque and tartar, as well as any found under the gums. We'll take x-rays to check for problems in the jaw and under the gum line, repair any fractured or rotted teeth, and seal the teeth to help prevent further decay.

Once your pet's teeth are clean, we'll consult with you to teach you how to brush your cats or dog's teeth every week. Taking five minutes to keep your pet's teeth clean each week can go a long way toward helping to keep them disease free.

Bring Your Pet to Our Teeth Cleaning Veterinarian in Lexington

A tooth cleaning is one of the simple ways you can help to give your pet a happy and healthy life. Give us a call at (859) 245-7387 for an appointment today.

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